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welcome to the dark side of new orleans, where the living are easily lost and the dead stick around to play
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PREMISE [01 Jan 2013|12:00pm]
"Welcome to New Orleans and the crown jewel of the crescent city ; The French Quarter - jazz and jambalaya, romance and poetry, not to mention things that go bump in the night. Monsters that feed off human blood, vengeful spirits of the dead, and my personal favorite: the witches."

While tourists flock to the city of New Orleans for mystery and intrigue, little do they realize there's a brewing war being waged within the city's French Quarter. A war between witches and vampires, with humans being interchangeable allies and foes. For months, the vampires have reigned as victors, managing to not only push werewolves from the city entirely, but also using one of their own in order to limit the witches from using their powers. With their only weapon being stripped from them, and tensions reaching a fevered pitch, they turn to their enemy in a time of desperation. Calling upon the original family of vampires, the coven of witches have found a weak link to exploit and have used it as leverage to gain their cooperation in the ongoing battle. With every day bringing a new twist and battle lines becoming blurred with every development, causes shifting and stakes higher than ever, the time has come for lines to be drawn and sides to be firmly taken.

Welcome to [info]rousseaus: a gpsl set in the world outlined in the show The Originals, taking place at the start of the first episode of season one, with the originals being lured back to New Orleans and slowly coming to terms that the city has changed from what they once knew. All canon characters are available to play, with the possibility of original characters being added once a majority of the cast has been taken. The rules are quite simple. Don't cross the line between IC drama and OOC nonsense, be respectful of your fellow players, stay active ( standard activity check every four weeks), and have fun writing.

ready to apply?

the application process is very simple. after reading the brief premise and checking to see if the character you wish to apply with is taken or not, fill out and submit the application below

character's name: first and last.
played by: please note, we do not allow challenges.
journal: journal names are ooc.
examples: examples can be in the form of a narrative, thread, or journal entry, either using the character you're applying for or characters you've written in the past, but we would love to see at least two writing examples. you can leave a link here or leave one in the dropbox below.

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TAKEN & HELD ( Ⓟ - PENDING ) [01 Jan 2013|02:00am]
currently held

davina; danielle campbell
elijah mikaelson; daniel gillies
Ⓟ hayley marshall; phoebe tonkin
Ⓟ kiernan o'connell; todd stashwick
Ⓟ klaus mikaelson; joseph morgan
Ⓟ marcel gerard; charles michael davis
rebekah mikaelson; claire holt
Ⓟ sophie deveraux; daniella pineda

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CONTACT [01 Jan 2013|02:00am]
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