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PLOTTING POST FOR ALL HELD [17 Nov 2012|01:45am]

Hey there! I'm posting this to give everyone a chance to plot with other characters who are interested in joining the game once everything is actually set up. I'm hoping to start the game fresh, from the very first episode of The Originals or even shortly before the start of it, so that everyone has a chance to delve into the different relationships and dynamics before ripping into and bouncing along the timeline carried through the show. Either way, it seems like a good excuse to give everyone a blank canvas to go off of for a bit before adding the events from the show as plot devices in the game. So, feel free to have at it, make suggestions, and chatter here!

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[01 Jan 2012|01:00am]

Would anyone be interested in a GPSL based around the show The Originals? I was hoping to start it somewhere around the beginning of the series, that way there would be plenty to play around with and a good starting point for all involved so we wouldn't have to keep up with the series verbatim. I was also hoping to get as many of the characters in first before incorporating others in, including TVD crossovers and possible original characters. Another idea I had was to really play up the war between the two sides, but I'm really open to all ideas or input. Leave a comment here to let me know and if there's anything you'd like to see in particular in a community. All comments will be screened.

held until further notice:
davina, elijah mikaelson, hayley marshall, kiernan o'connell, klaus mikaelson, marcel gerard, rebekah mikaelson, sophie deveraux.

camille o'connell, sabine, thierry, josh, diego.

UPDATE #1 (11/16): We're very close to getting the main cast of characters all held, which I have to thank you all for since I didn't expect to get even this many held in the span of a day. I'm working on setting up a plot post for everyone to use to contact one another in while I continue to work on getting the journal set up and will contact everyone with it once it's up. Again, thank you all for your interest!

UPDATE #2 (11/17): Way too early in the morning for me, but PLOTTING POST is up for everyone to use!

UPDATE #3 (11/23): I know the holidays are right around the corner, but I wanted to make sure to get everything up and running with the IJ outage over with now. The application is up and I encourage everyone to start plotting, when possible, in the PLOTTING POST.

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